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We provide staffing in various categories; Temporary, Contract to Hire, and Permanent placement.

Direct Hire

Our specialized recruitment service used to identify Senior Level, Executive or other “highly specialized” candidates.

RPO/Project Recruitment

This model allows you to pay a flat fee for the recruitment of a specific position(s) for a pre-determined period of time with no placement fees.

Reverse Sourcing

This model allows you to identify a candidate(s) prior to Delectus introducing your organization and/ or opportunity to the candidate.

Consulting Solutions

An essential part of sourcing the right candidates is knowing how to.

Workforce Operations

We ensure smooth payroll management, streamline hiring procedures, and equip recruiters with essential skills for successful talent acquisition.

Character. Capable. Responsible.

About Us

We’re not just a talent management solutions company; we’re your strategic partner, guided by a commitment to authenticity, innovation, and reliability. Boasting over two decades of expertise in Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, and Recruitment Solutions, we don’t just offer solutions — we craft sustainable, tailored strategies. What sets us apart is our knack for creating bespoke solutions and fostering authentic partnerships that cater to your unique needs.
Tailored Recruitment Solutions; Tangible Results

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to delivering unparalleled service and unwavering transparency to every company, government entity, job seeker, and associate. We pride ourselves on best-in-class customer service, superior talent matching, and dynamic reporting tailored to our clients’ current business needs.

We go beyond mere transactions; we inspire individuals and organizations to elevate their effectiveness and efficiency, fostering a realm of greater choice in the world of work—a realm that benefits all stakeholders. As pioneers in Staffing, Executive Search, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, our business positively impacts thousands of lives annually, and we embrace our global responsibility with consciousness.

Harnessing the power of AI, we identify top talent, enhance efficiency, and employ cutting-edge metrics. In doing so, we not only meet the demands of today but also shape the workforce landscape for a more empowered and connected future.

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